Technical Working Group Meeting Notes – October 30, 2013

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Alberta-Wide Borrowing
Technical Working Group
MEETING NOTES – October 30, 2013

In attendance

Calgary Public Library - Scott Stanley
Chinook Arch Regional Library System – Pat Wauters
Edmonton Public Library - Lachlan Bickley, Andrew Nisbet
Fort McMurray Public Library – Carlos Moran
Marigold Library System – Richard Kenig
Northern Lights Library System - Colette Poitras
Parkland Regional Library System – Marquita Bevans, Tim Spark
Peace Library System – Janet Ayles
Red Deer Public Library – Nicole Charles, Corey Stier, Rob Bastell
Shortgrass Library System – Anton Chuppin
St. Albert Public Library – Trevor Tye
Strathcona County Library - Sue Colp
Yellowhead Regional Library System – Stephanie Thero
Public Library Services Branch – Kerry Anderson, Ken Feser

Meeting Objectives

Some high level objectives were identified by the group for discussion and resolution over the course of the project: standardization issues; dealing with digital content; ID all implementation issues; update releases (how & when); potential for a VLAN for Me; Defining “home library” in shared ILSes (i.e., TRAC); creation of detailed project plan

ILS specific issues: Horizon ILSes will need an expanded place name table; Polaris – address data generated by postal code – potential challenge

It is hoped that this meeting would be the catalyst to create a “community of mutual support” among Node technical staff for this and subsequent projects.

AWB Background

Kerry gave a brief history of the Alberta-Wide Borrowing project, and the connection to the Metro Edmonton Federation’s Me Card initiative

Demo of Me system

Andrew Nisbet gave two presentations on the Me card initiative: one a high-level general description of the service, the other a more technical presentation.

Andrew has created a Me Card user manual that will be helpful for the provincewide rollout. It is available on the Me libraries wiki. Node staff are encouraged to visit the site and contribute content.

Standardization issues

Andrew described a potential issue with place names and suggested that same standardization of codes for the field may be necessary. Discussion ensued; consensus was that the Municipal Affairs codes would be used when necessary

Task list

A few items were identified:

  • Kerry would investigate the possibility of funding for any necessary SIP2 licences
  • Scott will share his risk registry template and provide any assistance in developing one for the project
  • Andrew will assemble a prep package for Node staff (now available on the wiki)
  • Andrew will draw up a list of current assumptions for the Me card
  • Scott has offered to create a redundant backup for the website
  • Nodes need to supply links to libraries’/nodes’ circulation policies, etc. so that they can be incorporated into the Terms of Use portion of Please share this information on the wiki.

Rollout plan

The group agreed that rollout would go in the following order:

  1. Parkland: November 4 – 22
  2. TRAC (including development of the appliance): November 25 – January 31
  3. Shortgrass: February 3 – 14
  4. Chinook Arch: February 17 – 28
  5. Calgary: March 3 – 14
  6. Red Deer: March 17 – 28
  7. Fort McMurray: March 31 – April 11

These dates are not written in stone, as it is not yet know how long it will actually take to launch each Node. Parkland will be the barometer. Once the timeline is established, the rollout schedule will be adjusted accordingly and posted to the wiki.

Node technical staff are strongly encouraged to review the page on ILS Preparation for Me Card prior to their rollout. Failure to do so may result in delays that could affect both their and subsequent Nodes’ rollout process.

Next steps

  • PLSB (Kerry) will act as project manager for the initiative
  • Andrew will work with identified Node staff to implement Me with their ILS
  • Node technical staff will make the appropriate preparations in anticipation of their work with Andrew as per the published timeline.
  • An inventory of system specifications was taken for information and will be incorporated into the Node information on the wiki.
  • Node technical and public services/circulation staff should visit the wiki for consultation or contribution as appropriate (they may need to create an account if they don’t already have one).