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Only Horizon users need this file. It is a mandatory file for Horizon users. Note: If you need to move your bimport to an instance other than the actual horizon server, set the PATH variable to include the bimport path in

   <entry key="load-dir">c:\metro\logs\Customers</entry> // Path to customer load files like bimport.bat, header.txt, and data.txt.
   <entry key="bimport-dir">c:\metro\bimport</entry> // Directory where to find the bimport executable
   <entry key="server-alias">'Horizon MSSQL Server'</entry>  // Server alias, check the SQL Client Network Utility, under the alias tab.
   <entry key="password">password</entry>    // password for the user listed next.
   <entry key="user">sa</entry>              // User with customer creation permissions.
   <entry key="database">stalbert</entry>    // Name of the database to load into.
   <entry key="borrower-key">second_id</entry> // The borrower triggers ensure that any non-null second_id values in the borrower table are unique
   <entry key="version">m41</entry>          // The version of bimport we use. Metro uses 'm41'.
   <entry key="btype">metro</entry>          // Default customer creation btype. TODO move this to
   <entry key="mail-type">dom</entry>        // Default mail type. So far this seems to be a static value for all Horizon instances TODO move this to
   <entry key="location">st</entry>          // Location for the '/l' flag, the user's home branch TODO move this to
   <entry key="indexed">true</entry>         // This switch bypasses the requirement that the match column must be in
                             // a unique SQL index. When you use this switch, the match column can
                             // be in any SQL index. This means that Borrower Import can work with
                             // the second_id column. (The borrower triggers ensure that any non-null
                             // second_id values in the borrower table are unique.)
   <entry key="send-preoverdue">true</entry> // optional, sets the customer's send_preoverdue switch on or off - true or false. Default 'on' or 'true'.
   <entry key="send-notice-by">true</entry> // optional, sets the customer's send_notice_by switch on or off - true or false. Default 'on' or 'true'.
   <entry key="default-phone">780-999-1234</entry> // sets a default phone number in the case the customer does not have a phone number associated with their account.
                                                   // this phone number will be loaded by default with their account at creation and update. The phone number could be 
                                                   // the main branch number of your library. If not included the above default number is used.