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This file is used to map city names to codes in for Horizon, but also for finding valid city names in address fields in SIP. It should be noted that it is one of the files that need to be edited when a new library comes on-line. The file can contain as many entries as you like, but Metro only checks the ones that are stated. If you fail to add a place name a code will be applied, but the customer will not be loaded by BImport because the cit_st code will not match expected values

The key is the official name as recognized by the government of Alberta, like "Spruce Grove". The value is the code that you have in your CITY_ST table that matches that city name, like "sp gr".

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
          City codes used in Horizon's city_st table.
       <entry key="edmonton">ed</entry>
       <entry key="st. albert">sa</entry>
       <entry key="fort saskatchewan">fs</entry>
       <entry key="sherwood park">sc</entry>
       <entry key="Czar">czar</entry>