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The environment properties file is the first configuration file to load and contains the following fields:

   <entry key="library-code">EPL</entry>
    <entry key="api-key">xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</entry>
    <entry key="debug">true</entry>
    <entry key="status-protocol">sip2</entry> <!-- only 'sip2', 'bimport', 'symphony-api', 'polaris-sql', and 'dummy' are currently available. -->
    <entry key="get-protocol">sip2</entry>
    <entry key="update-protocol">symphony-api</entry>
    <entry key="create-protocol">bimport</entry>
<!-- Be careful with your date-format here. SEQUEL server requires it to be defined as 'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss'. -->
    <entry key="date-format">yyyy-MM-dd</entry>
    <entry key="metro-port">2004</entry>
    <entry key="non-resident-types">EPL-VISITR</entry>
    <entry key="reciprocal-types">EPL-RECIP</entry>
    <entry key="juvenile-types">EPL-JUV, EPL-JUV05, EPL-JUV01, EPL-JUV10, EPL-JUVNR, EPL-JUVGR, EPL-JUVIND</entry>
    <entry key="fail-goodstanding-sentinel">BARRED</entry>
    <entry key="lost-card-sentinel">LOSTCARD</entry>

The library-code field will be assigned to you and has no meaning to any system outside of the Me Card system.