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What do we do if there is an ILS outage?

There are two types of outages, planned and unplanned.

  1. Unplanned If the outage is unplanned the metro server will be unable to contact the ILS and automatically report that the Me Card service is currently unavailable, please try again later. The disadvantage with this is that there may be a delay before the user gets that message while the connection to the ILS server times out. It is set to 5 seconds by default (See sip.properties for more details).
  2. Planned If you know you are going to have an outage you can use the debug.properties file to great advantage. Here are the steps:
    1. Edit debug.properties file. Change the "return-code" to 1, then enter the message you would like to display to Me Card customers in the "stderr".
    2. Copy the existing environment.properties file so you can restore it after the outage.
    3. In the original environment.properties file edit the protocol entries and change them to dummy:
<entry key="status-protocol">dummy</entry>
<entry key="get-protocol">dummy</entry>
<entry key="update-protocol">dummy</entry>
<entry key="create-protocol">dummy</entry>

You do not need to restart your server. Your message will show up on the melibraries.ca website when a customer from your library tries to register, or when another library requests you to create or update a customer account. After the outage copy your debug.properties file to debug.properties.outagenotice for use on the next outage, and restore the original environment.properties file. No restart is required.

My load customer scheduled task under Windows 2008 (SP2) fails to exit. What's going on?

The problem can be fixed by selecting the "Start in: (optional)" option in task scheduler.