Me Card circulation installation notes

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During the installation process please identify a single point of contact for circulation matters so developers can resolve questions as quickly as possible.

These items need to be known at the time of Me Card installation.

Messages Customers get feedback about the registration process while they use the web site. Since the Me Card registration is a negotiated transaction between two libraries, and all libraries will play both roles, sometimes your metro server will issue messages as a guest and sometimes as a host. All of these messages however, can be customized to suit the ‘voice’ of your organization. Below is the list of messages with example customizations that reflect how EPL prefers to sound to their customers. Before installation your organization should have these messages ready to go.

Message Name Intended Audience Purpose Example
success-join your new customers Lets the customer know they have successfully joined your library “Welcome to EPL! So glad you could join us! Check us out at”
success-update your existing Me Card customers Tells the customer their account at your library has been updated “Thank you for keeping us up-to-date on your personal information.”
account-not-found your existing home library customers Usually issued if the customer has transposed numbers in their user id. “Sorry we don't have a record of that a library card.”
account-not-created your new customers Typically issued if the customer isn’t in good standing at their home library* “Sorry, we are unable to create your account. Please call your home library for more information.”
account-not-updated your existing Me Card customers Issued if user’s account couldn’t be updated for any reason. The home library may phone to help diagnose the loading issue.* “Sorry, we are unable to update your account at this time. Please try again later. If you continue to receive this error, please call your home library for more information.”
userid-pin-mismatch your existing home library customers User’s pin doesn’t match the one on record at their home library “Sorry, the PIN you entered does not match the one on record. Please call your home library to reset your PIN.”
unavailable-service all customers Issued if the ILS is down or unreachable for some reason.* “Sorry, EPL's registration system is currently not available.”
fail-metro-policy your existing home library customers Issued if the customer doesn’t meet Me Card policy requirements.* “Sorry, we are unable to register your account.”
fail-local-policy new Me Card customers wanting to join your library Issued if your library wishes to deny an account based on your library’s registration policy.** “Sorry, there seems to be a problem with your account. Please call 780-496-7000 for more information.”
fail-min-age your existing home library customers Issued to under-age customers “You must be at least 18 to register with this site, but you can still join. Call 780-496-7000 for more information.”
fail-reciprocal your existing home library customers Message customer sees if they are a reciprocal customer at their home library “You are already registered at EPL as a reciprocal customer.”
fail-residency your existing home library customers Message sent if the customer is a non-resident member of their home library’s service area. “You are registered at EPL as a non-resident of Edmonton.”
fail-goodstanding your existing home library customers Message issued if your library wishes to refuse an account based on information provided by the customer’s home library. “We can't register you because of problems with your account. Please contact your home library for assistance.”
fail-lostcard potentially all customers This issued if me libraries web site suspects the customer’s card may be a lost card. “This looks like a card that is reported as lost.”
fail-expiry your existing home library customers Privilege has expired at their home library. “Your library card has expired.”
fail-incomplete-information your existing home library customers Issued to help user’s diagnose missing mandatory information. “Your account is missing the following information”
  • See troubleshooting section.
    • See Local Policies section.

Account status information

The following fields have to be computed or inferred by your organization’s metro server based on information returned from a SIP2 request for the customer’s account information.

  • How will the metro server know if your customer meets the minimum age requirements? This value can be computed based on customer birthdate or their profile or btype.
  • How do you identify reciprocal borrowers; profile, btype?
  • Do you have special designations for non-resident users?
  • How does the metro server identify that a customer is not in good standing? If you are going to use SIP2 for supplying customer information, the SIP2 response must include account status information.
  • Do you wish to compute additional information on customer accounts when they are loaded such as bstats?