Me Card procedures - issues identification

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Parking lot for identifying Me initiative procedural issues

  • validation of email addresses (real or otherwise)
  • how to handle checkins
  • delivery
  • tracking "problem patrons"
  • holds
  • collecting fines
  • return flags - are we just using the TAL ones for all items belonging to other libraries? (can't tell which items are Me returns vs TAL returns)
  • lost/damaged items - who is ultimately responsible? (home library or lending library?)
  • should we allow Me patrons to place TAL Online requests? Then they could use any library as a pickup location for interlibrary loans - for example, a Wetaskiwin (YRL) patron could use Camrose (PRL) as an ILL pickup location. This would be a big step toward true seamless access.
  • it would be nice if academic libraries were included on the website - then patrons would only need a single card to use any type of library
  • plastic cards - we (PRL) are looking at introducing these. We thought it would be helpful if there were a symbol we could use on these that indicates the card can be used throughout Alberta (like the Plus symbol on VISA cards).