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This manual is designed to help you prepare you and your staff for joining the Me Card initiative. The information presented here is the culmination of expertise that other member libraries have accrued during their integration process. The goals of the document are two-fold, firstly to inform new members of the customer service benefits and impacts of the Me Card, and secondly to help your organization make key configuration decisions required during the installation process. Careful planning at this stage will help minimize costs and rework.

The manual is laid out in sections that correspond to typical public library employee job descriptions to help staff focus on the sections that affect them. Having said that I would strongly encourage everyone to review the introduction.

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If you are completely unfamiliar with the Me Card, it is an initiative that allows library customers from other parts of the province to join your library. The difference with the Me Card over other reciprocal borrowing programs is that it automates the checking of good standing with the home library (no need for staff to call the home library!), and it allows the customer to self-mediate when and which libraries they join. Additionally, the Me Card allows the customer to use their home library card and PIN at each library they join. Behind the scenes a service fetches the customer account information from their home library, vets the information to determine if the account is in good standing, and then imports that information into a guest library’s ILS. The system is designed to be a simple cost effective way to enhance service at your library.

For more information on the Me Card please review the Me Card presentation from the Node director's meeting October 11, 2013.

If you want more information click here.

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