Metro server installation

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General notes

The Metro server is a Java application, or appliance that manages the communication between [] and your library's ILS. There are a number of supporting libraries that are shipped with the MeCard.jar file that manage command line arguments, JDBC connections, the Daemon service etc. Some are not required for all sites but all are shipped for simplicity.

  • commons-cli-1.2.jar - included for reading and interpreted to
  • gson-2.2.4.jar - included for possible web services use.
  • commons-codec-1.8.jar - included for possible web services use.
  • fluent-hc-4.3.4.jar - included for possible web services use.
  • httpcore-4.3.2.jar - included for possible web services use.
  • sqljdbc42.jar - included for Horizon and Polaris sites.
  • commons-daemon-1.1.0.jar - used for running the MeCard.jar as a daemon on Unix or a service on Windows.


There are several batch files used to install the Metro service. They are simple and use Apache's prunsrv.exe, 32 or 64 bit depending on whether you are using a 32 or 64 bit version of Windows. For more information see here for examples.

Unix variants

On Unix, the