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ILS: Horizon and SIP2<br/>
ILS: Horizon and SIP2<br/>
Metro Port: 2004<br/>
Metro Port: 2004<br/>
SIP Host: sip.prl.ab.ca:6007<br/>
SIP Host: hzsip01.prl.ab.ca:6007<br/>
Patron card prefix: 21000
Patron card prefix: 21000

Latest revision as of 16:18, 13 July 2016

Contact information

Site project manager

Circ point of contact

Lauralee Gilmore lgilmore(at)prl.ab.ca 403-782-3850

Technical point of contact

Marquita Bevans mbevans(at)prl.ab.ca 403-782-3850



Parkland Regional Library
5404-56 Avenue, Lacombe
AB T4L 1G1
Phone: 403-782-3850 Fax: 403-782-4650 http://www.prl.ab.ca/

GPS coordinates


ILS: Horizon and SIP2
Metro Port: 2004
SIP Host: hzsip01.prl.ab.ca:6007
Patron card prefix: 21000

Patron types

Test patrons

PIN: 1234

ID BType Comment
21000005874370 sus Suspended
21000005874362 rj Junvenile
21000005874354 inst Institutional
21000005874347 nr Non-resident
21000005874339 re Reciprocal
21000005874321 tal TAL Reciprocal
21000005874313 ra expired
21000005874305 ra Good Standing