Polaris sql.properties

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See Extending the Metro server for more information.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "http://java.sun.com/dtd/properties.dtd">
     SQL connection settings. MY_SQL or SQL_SERVER
   <entry key="load-dir">logs/Customers</entry>
   <entry key="connector-type">MY_SQL</entry>
   <entry key="host">mysql.epl.ca</entry>
   <entry key="database">Polaris</entry>
   <entry key="username">Patron_creator</entry>
   <entry key="password">***********</entry>
   <entry key="patron-code-id">25</entry>
   <entry key="organization-id">303</entry>
   <entry key="creator-id">1831</entry>
   <entry key="language-id">1</entry>
   <entry key="delivery-option-id">2</entry>
   <entry key="email-format-id">2</entry>
   <entry key="country-id">2</entry>
   <entry key="free-text-label">Home</entry> // this has been changed to AddressLabelID in Polaris 6.2. See next line.
   <entry key="conformance">Polaris 6.2</entry> // (Optional) in fact the application checks the string ends with 6.2 
   <entry key="address-label-id">1</entry> // (Optional) and translates to "Home" in the AddressesID table 
   <entry key="user-1">Not in the List</entry>
   <entry key="user-2">NULL</entry>    // Case insensitive
   <entry key="user-3">null</entry>
   <entry key="user-4">(none)</entry>  // literally "(none)" will be added  to this category.
   <entry key="user-5">(none)</entry>